Monday, May 9, 2011

Nicknames and Two Papaws

My grandfather is good at nicknames. He named me Texas City Red when I was small because that's where I was born, and it's a name that's stuck. He nicknamed Aengy JAK, because his first three initials are perfect for it, Jude Aengus Kimball.
I gave my great grandfather a nickname, Two Papaws. So now JAK has a Two Papaws of his own. It's a wonder any of the Kimballs can keep all of the names straight.

We still can't tell if our little man will have blonde or red hair.

We might start taking bets. Want in?

Happy Monday!

I don't have a nickname for Monday, unless YUCK counts.

Aengy takes a nap...

New toy via Auntie Julie

Two Papaws and JAK

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