Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Of Pirates and stripes

We are soooo sorry for the slow posting of late on our blog. We started school (both mama and baby A) and it is a lot of work getting us out the door on time each day. Heck, it was a lot of work when it was just one of us getting to work on time, with two of us it's a real struggle. We have some great pics to post soon with more details about school. But for now, here's this week's update. On Monday we were 9 months old! 
I don't know if you were able to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day , but I wish everyone could have. After all, it's a great day to break out 'do rags, stripes, and jeans with lots of holes in the knee. Mama encouraged the school to participate so she wouldn't look goofy alone.  Happy belated Pirate Day to landlubbers and Pirates alike.

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