Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby B and a new bedroom in the Old House

Bennett, week three! His weight is on the way up- yay! Still lots of work to do to get him bigger and stronger and ready to play with big brother.
Aengy likes when Daddy reads to him, he also likes to color his books...

We had a great bedroom in our 110 year old home. So Jeff was shocked at the suggestion that it should be turned into a kids' room and that we should move into the study. But our bedroom was the largest room and the huge amount of kids toys, clothes, and more demanded the largest space. So I pushed, and Jeff renovated our messy study into a brand new space for us!  He had to drywall, redo the floors, ceiling, fireplace... it was a huge job- especially with little A under feet to "help". We finally agreed on a seafoamy green paint after much deliberation. Didn't he do a great job? I am really thrilled with the floors and the pretty windows.
Just before we moved in...

Now, the kids' room renovation begins in earnest. Prayers and well wishes appreciated since we need another project right now like we need another project!
We still haven't decided on a color for the walls, I am pulling for this scheme without much luck.

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