Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Progress on the work in progress, the boys get a room in the old house

We wanted the boys to have their very own room to share when the baby came home from the hospital. That didn't work out since Bennett came earlier than expected, but the newly renovated bedroom for the two boys was really worth the wait. This was originally our master bedroom. We still have some finishing touches to work on, but we all like spending time in this great new room. 
Kudos to Daddy for working hard to get it done.

Because the boys are sharing a room one has a twin bed and one has a crib, and mama has a couch and rocking chair to deal with each of them. We were blessed to receive the lovely original artwork above from Kathy, a family friend. We've been looking for nautical things to compliment it ever since!
Where'd we get all this stuff?
Twin bed, table, chair and armchair, Pottery Barn outlet 
Family handmedowns, crib & changing table, thanks Noah and Maddie!
Target sheets for both beds
Students made the paper mache lemon for Mama
Thrifted ottoman

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