Monday, November 4, 2013

pumpkin anniversaries and halloween recap

Last week I dragged the boys to the pumpkin patch to celebrate the one year pumpkinversary announcing our second pregnancy. It's true, the time flies. I am sappy sad at the very thought.  Lucky for us the weather was very warm by afternoon so we could all go sockless and in sandals. Can you believe the size of those pumpkins? And the day after Halloween they were GIVING THEM away! You bet I filled up every spot in my vehicle not taken by a stroller or a car seat. I love pumpkins for the whole fall, not just October.    


vintage plaid shirt

7 months in the belly, and 10 out!
1yr on Make A Gif    

  In order to coax the boys into their bumblebee gear we used toys, pleas, and finally m&ms. Baby A was not remotely interested in sharing anything with his brother. Photographic chaos resulted. IMG_0886 
 Even though it was a herculean task to get these little bees to cooperate we wanted to document the cuteness.  



We resorted to different seating arrangements and it worked out better.


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